1. connect to the launched instance through our MakinaRocks Link AMI with your key-pair.
ssh -i <KEY_PAIR> ubuntu@#.#.#.#
  1. Activate the conda environment "link" which installed MakinaRocks Link on the instance.
conda activate link
  1. Run Jupyter lab (you can customize your configuration whatever you want) on the instance. In this case, the port number is 8888.
jupyter lab
  1. Forward on your local port to your remote EC2 instance port. The local port is 9000 and the remote EC2 instance port is 8888 the below command example.
ssh -L 9000: ubuntu@#.#.#.# -i \<KEY_PAIR>
  1. Connect to the Jupyter server on your browser and Enter your product key for MakinaRocks Link. If you don't have a product key, follow "Request and Enter a Product Key"