Export/Import Cache

Reproduce existing cell execution results by using the Export/Import Cache feature. Use this feature to ensure continuity of work.

Export Cache

Export the stored Component Caching results as a cache file (.tar.gz).


  • This feature is enabled when more than one component has been successfully cached.
  • This feature cannot be used if there is a running component or if a component is being cached.
  1. Click Export Cache within the pipeline menu. (Right-click pipeline panel)
  2. Enter the file name of the cache to be saved.

Import Cache

You can retrieve and reload saved caches, as well as replicate the result of previous cells.


This feature cannot be used if changes have been made to the pipeline structure or code since the cache has been exported.

  1. Click Import Cache within the pipeline menu (Right-click pipeline panel)
  2. Select cache file to import (.tar.gz)