Link Examples


It is recommended to use after updating to the latest version(1.1.0).

Spiral Pattern Classification

Classification of 2D spiral-distributed data using Pytorch framework (github)

Iris Data EDA and Modelling

Basic exploratory data analysis (EDA) and modelling of iris data using Scikit-Learn library (github)

Titanic Data EDA and Modelling

Various EDA and ensemble modelling of titanic data using Scikit-Learn library (github)

Image Generation using Variational Autoencoder

MNIST image generation test with variational autoencoder (VAE) using Pytorch framework (github)

Image Restoration using Denoising Autoencoder

Restoring corrupted MNIST images with denoising autoencoder using Pytorch framework (github)

MNIST Image Classification using CNN

Classification of MNIST images with convolutional neural network (CNN) and fully-connected network (FCN) being compared using Pytorch framework (github)

Using XGBoost for scikit-learn datasets

Modelling of diabetes data for regression, classificaion, cross-validation, and hyperparameter searching using Scikit-Learn and XGBoost library (github)

Text Data Classification using RNN

Text classification with RNN using Pytorch library (github)

Deep Q-Network Reinforcement Learning for CartPole Environment

​Deep Q-Network Reinforcement Learning (RL) for CartPole environment using Pytorch and OpenAI-Gym frameworks (github)