Pipeline Panel Area Menu

Pipeline Menu Bar

  • ​Run All: Run all components in the pipeline panel.
  • ​Select Header Color: Open or close Header Color panel.
  • ​Clear All Caches: Clear entire cache storage.
  • Remote Resources: Set the server information for pipeline remote execution.
  • ​Settings: Select to view component summary or not.
  • ​Pipeline Parameters: Open or close Pipeline Parameter panel.

View Control Buttons

Using icons and a mouse, the user can expand, reduce, or move pipelines. And the user can move the panel in all directions by mouse scroll, trackpad drag or with the scroll bar.

  • Zoom Out: Reduce (Zoom Out) pipeline view.
  • ​Zoom In: Expand (Zoom In) pipeline view.
  • ​Auto Fit: Adjust pipeline view automatically.

Component Toolbox

The component toolbox will appear or disappear when you click a component in a pipeline panel.

  • Enable/Disable Component Caching: Enables or disables component caching.
  • Run Component: Executes the specified component (including upstream connected components).
  • Add Comments: Displays a comment panel that allows users to add comments.