Python Package

Link Installation


  • We recommend installing it in a new virtual environment.
  • JupyterLab is also installed when Link is installed.
  • Installation of Link may cause dependency conflicts with existing packages, depending on the user's environment. If this occurs, please contact Technical support.
  1. Initial installation : Installing in a new virtual environment.
    python3 -m pip install mrx-link
  2. For Update or Reinstallation : Deleting and reinstalling in an existing virtual environment
    python3 -m pip uninstall mrx-link  
    python3 -m pip install mrx-link

Start Link


Link is compatible with Chrome browser.

After installation, enter the following code to execute Jupyter Lab.

python3 -m jupyterlab
# Access with browser: <http://localhost:8888/>

Enable/Disable Link Extension

It is possible to enable and disable the extension by using the following commands.

  1. Disable the extension
    python3 -m jupyter labextension disable mrx_link && python3 -m jupyter server extension disable mrx_link
  2. Enable the exthension
    python3 -m jupyter labextension enable mrx_link && python3 -m jupyter server extension enable mrx_link