Utilize Pipeline Components

Select Multiple Components

To select multiple components at once, drag the mouse or use the keyboard.

Select/exclude individual components: Ctrl/Shift + Component click

Select/exclude multiple components: Shift + Mouse drag on the target component

Add Comments

On the pipeline component, you can leave a comment (an explanation or a question). When saving or sharing, this comment will also be saved. The comment function will be a useful communication tool for collaboration.


The comment will also be saved when saving or sharing pipeline.

Click component toolbox and click Comment Icon.

Select Header Color

By changing the color of the header, you can group one or more components.
You can easily understand the structure of a complex pipeline by assigning the same color to components that perform similar functions.


You can group components with similar functions by setting the same header color.

Select a component, and click color icon on the pipeline menu bar, and then set the color.

Component Summary

Link provides Component Summary Information (Object, Function, Class, and Module) included in the components that have been completed when the user mouses over the completed components.

You can turn on/off the component summary information view in Settings on the pipeline menu bar.