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Error installing in an exisitng environmnet

In an existing environment Using: pip install mrx-link ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c:\\users\\\<>\\mambaforge\\envs\\py031012\\lib\\site-packages\\numpy-1.25.0.dist-info\\METADATA' This environment has python 3.10.13 and numpy 1.26.3. Please advise

Vs Code Extension

Is there any VSCode extension for the same

Pop-up warning execution

I would like to know if I am able to disable the "It will be executed after cell running" pop-up on the top right corner of my Jupyter lab. Thank you,

How do I do disable Link?

Wanted to disable Link as I am not always using it. Also, when I try to pip uninstall mrx_link it breaks my jupyterlab, not allowing it to load.

Multiple Folder Access

Using or bringing over code to the platform that has been written in a platform may have folder structure that is being honored. Can I reference, or is there a way to reference files from different folders in a workflow?

Export content of pipeline graph

Is it possible to export the content of the pipeline panel (i.e. the graph view) as a png/jpg/pdf file? Either - interactively from the JupyterLab GUI - and/or triggered by notebook code using some SDK function?

Link becomes extremely slow with many pipeline components

When I use over 20 components in the pipeline, I can't click in any of the links' boxes because it's way too slow. This is very annoying, so I restart JupyterLab to restore its speed. Any ideas on how to make it faster?

I am experiencing problems installing Link in Sagemaker Studio Lab

I am using Jupyter lab within Amazon Sagemaker Studio Lab, and I installed this extension within the terminal. Once I restarted Studio Lab, I found that it had been installed. However, I am experiencing a DAG API error and UsageError: Cell magic `%%mrxlink_execute_node` not found. How can I solve this? :(